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Voter Engagement

Activate: Voter Engagement


Improving public education in Prince George’s County starts with the voices of parents, students and educators. Activate: Voter Engagement is a year-round campaign to engage, activate and empower these groups to be warriors for public education.

With less than 50% of Prince George’s County citizens voting in any given election, we have much work to do. Our vision for voter engagement extends beyond election time and includes on-going opportunities to educate residents about the many ways one can be an advocate for public education. Everything from learning the history of education in Prince George’s County to the importance of understanding “districts” – school, council, electoral. Candidates are more responsive to communities that have the most active voters. Active voters are empowered, and armed with information and tools to take action.

Strategies for Engagement:

  • Sharing information to keep residents informed
  • Providing the tools needed to support taking action
  • Empowering individuals to make a difference in their community

To get started, download In Reach’s 2017 Activism Toolkit: A Guide on How to Use Your Voice in Prince George’s County.

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