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Preparing students for college, work, and life.

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More than college and work . . . life

Friday, July 30 is considered International Day of Friendship. Celebrate with these ways you can show the people you love the most just how much they mean to you.

10 inspiring books about women and girls.

Did you know?

~ The average debt of students when they graduated from college rose from $18,550 (in 2004) to $28,950 (in 2014), an increase of 56 percent. (1)
~ From 2004 to 2009, the median credit card debt among college students increased 74 percent. (1)
~ A survey of 15-year-olds in the United States found that 18 percent of respondents did not learn fundamental financial skills that are often applied in everyday situations, such as building a simple budget, comparison shopping, and understanding an invoice. (1)
~ A report on the results of a financial literacy exam found that high school seniors scored on average 48 percent correct, showing a strong need for more comprehensive financial education for youth in high school. (1)
~ Only 24% of Millennials demonstrate basic financial literacy. (2)
~ The lack of financial literacy cost Americans $415 billion in 2020. (2)
~ The average credit card debt in America is $6,270. (2)
~ Around 40% of Americans have less than $300 in savings. (2)
~ The average US household’s median income was $78,500 in 2020. (2)
~ A staggering 63% of Americans had their personal finances affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. (2)

Learn how to do better by becoming more financially ready. Small steps can lead to big results. Watch this episode of #TeensTalkTV on managing money and then review all of the related resources on

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While normally “back to school” is reserved for children, it turns out that this time of year is important for every age. That’s because you’re never too old to continue learning, and it can help you live up to your true potential in everyday life.

Just because it’s the middle of the year doesn’t mean it’s too late to set and achieve big things yet this year. While reevaluating your existing goals, throw in some hard-to-reach newer goals and set your sights high.

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