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Teens Talk Network

Welcome to Teens Talk Network!

Group of male and female high school students.

In Reach's first cohort of high school students in our first school-based youth program, The Youth Ambassadors, at Northwestern High School in Hyattsville, MD, 2000-2001.

We have always cared about youth. Their voices are included in much of our work. From preparing and engaging them to speak up about the issues important to them to encouraging and supporting them in expressing themselves creatively, we love having youth involved in helping us reach our mission. Through Teens Talk Network, we have been able to broaden the way we work with youth whether in a school setting, the community or online, we have removed location as a hinderance. 

Planned before the coronavirus pandemic, Teens Talk Television kicked off right in it during the summer of 2020, with the production of five episodes - Voting, Social Justice, Mental Health, Money, Life After High School - and two amazing interns, Madison Harris, now a graduate of Howard University, and Solange Muller, currently a senior at Temple University. We had to pivot quickly from recording in the studio to using Google Meet. We made it work. Teens Talk Television, now in its third season, captures youth voices in conversations about their growth and experiences as they navigate their journey to college, at work and through life. A recorded show, Teens Talk Television focuses on a variety of stories, perspectives, and discussions geared toward youth between the ages of 16-24.  

Teens Talk Television has blossomed beautifully into Teens Talk Network consisting of the the Teens Talk Television Show; a quarterly journal, Student Creatives, a forthcoming podcast and merchandise.

Our most current season, Season 3: The College Experience, is a series of six information packed episodes featuring college students sharing their experiences while matriculating on different types of campuses. So much insight. An excellent series for high school students, parents, and any individual pursuing or thinking about seeking a higher education. Also great for college counselors, educational organizations and anyone working with youth. Coming soon as a supplement, a guide to The College Experience featuring activities, resources and more. Watch all of the episodes of Teens Talk Television from Season 1 through 3 on the #TeensTalkTV media page.

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African American young lady with both hands on hips smiling and Howard University t-shirt on.

Madison Harris, Teens Talk TV inaugurator

African American young woman posing with one hand on hip and smiling.

Solangé Muller, Teens Talk TV inaugurator

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