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Teens Talk Network

Welcome to Teens Talk Network!

Teens Talk Television has blossomed into Teens Talk Network consisting of the The Show, a recorded podcast of The Show, and a quarterly Student Creatives Journal (the Blog).

Teens Talk Television, now in its third season, captures youth voices in conversations about their growth and experiences as they navigate their journey to college, at work and through life. A recorded, virtual show, Teens Talk Television focuses on a variety of stories, perspectives, and discussions geared toward youth between the ages of 16-24 but is relevant to practically everyone.  

While we are in production excitedly finalizing Season 3: The College Experience, don't miss Seasons 1 and 2 episodes on resume writing, the environment, social justice, life after high school, and more. You can watch each episode and download resources on the #TeensTalkTV media page. Join our email list to stay up-to-date. 


Madison Harris, Host

Madison graduated from Howard University in May 2023. She majored in Television and Film with a minor in Community Development. Madison started with Teens Talk Television as its host often vetting guests (and so much more) and continued through the recording of Season 3: The College Experience.

Solangé Muller, Digital Diva

Solangé is currently a senior at Temple University majoring in Media Studies & Production. She first became interested in media during her time in high school where she participated in the Broadcast Journalism program. Since then, she has loved all things behind the scenes for any production regardless of the type. She enjoys talking about design elements and modern media strategies. Learn more

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